Two hands touching fingers showing Kukka's fashion jewelry Be Lovriends collection for lovers and friends

Be Lovriends Collection

Your best friend, your love, your boo—there are innumerable words for what this person means to you. And numerous ways to express it—a hug, a kiss, a kind word. A ring.

Rings have been tokens of love and friendship since time immemorial. The pharaohs, seeing that circles have no beginning and no end, chose rings as their symbol for eternity. Circles also reflect the shape of the sun and the moon, representing divinity and gateways to the unknown.

Love is eternal. Love is divine. It is an adventure, a commitment, a leap of faith into the future. Celebrate your loved one with the Lovriends Collection, each ring a modern twist on a classic symbol. Be more than lovers, be more than friends. Be lovriends.