Ethnic asian brunette model wearing Kukka's fashion jewelry Thai Zen collection in the forest

Thai Zen Collection

Inspired by the extinct kingdom of Siam, now Thailand, the Thai Zen collection embodies the culture’s freedom and tranquility. Thai, which means free, refers to the fact that Thailand has never been colonized. Zen is a tribute to the country’s Buddhist heritage.

The jewelries of the Thai Zen collection are circular because of the Buddhist belief in cycles and rebirth. Gems play a beautiful part of this symbolism. One of the highest Thai honors is the Order of the Nine Gems, the insignia consisting of eight gems circling a diamond. This nine-stone motif is worn by many Thais, especially brides, since it is supposed to bring fortune and harmony to its wearer.

Kukka has taken this ancient emblem and given it a modern twist. With its glowing colors, surprising texture and refreshing forms, this collection is a riotous celebration of life lived in harmony.