Beautifull young brunette woman on the beach wearing Kukka's fashion jewelry Vanilla collection

Vanilla Collection

VANILLA, a collection inspired by a species of tropical orchid. The most well known is Vanilla Planifolia, that produces a fruit from which we obtain a flavoring, vanilla. It’s a species from the American continent. The Spanish conquistadores from Mexico had their first encounter with this spice in the coasts of Veracruz. It was named like this because its fruit looks like a sword sheath (vaina in Spanish). The Totonaca legend says that the vanilla plant was born from the blood of princess Tzacopontziza (“Morning Star”), where she and prince Zkatan-Oxga (Young Deer), who has kidnapped her for love, where captured and decapitated by the Tonoacayohua (goddess of harvests) priests. The prince reincarnated in a vigorous bush and the princess did so in a delicate orchid that embraced sweetly his lover. Since then, totonacs call vanilla caxixanath, which means “hunted flower”. This way, we have wanted to represent all the beauty of this plant in a collection full of history and passion.
“Passion gives flavor to life as vanilla does to a cake”